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NextHome Legacy Group Realty Located in Marion, IN

1123 N. Baldwin Ave.
Marion, IN 46952
Coverage Areas

Fairmount, Gas City, La Fontaine, Marion, Swayzee, Sweetser, Upland, Van Buren

Goff Real Estate has been a fixture in the Grant County, Indiana for over 50 years. With the changing dynamics of how real estate was bought and sold, Goff Real Estate set out to find a comprehensive solution that would give its agents the tools to continue to provide their buyers and sellers superior service, while giving them the ability to adapt as markets and technology change. In 2014, the NextHome franchise brand was formed, giving companies the tools to accomplish those goals. On May 1st, 2016, Goff Real Estate became NextHome Legacy Group, becoming the 75th NextHome office in the country, and the first NextHome office in Indiana. We are excited to bring these technologies and tools to our community. Now as NextHome Legacy Group, we look forward to build on the foundation Goff Real Estate set forth, for another 50 years and beyond.